The life of a teenager in the '60s


1960's Life of A Teenager

A teenager in the 1960's is very different from todays teenager. Due to all the historic events surrounding them  (Vietnam war, MLK's death, RFK's death ect.) they began to  develop a "hippie" or "flower child" point of view. In the book Heather is a "Flower Child." This is shown by the countless arguements she has with Mr. Hood Hood, and when she runs away from home with Chit. One huge difference between today's teenager and a 1960 teenager is communication. In the 1960s to talk to a friend they would either call them from their house or talk to them in person. Today we have cell phones, texting, email, twitter, facebook, and my space ect. Most teenagers in the 1960's had every day chores, today most teens don't. School was simple. You read out of books, no hands on work. Teachers had complete authority over students. If a student misbehaved they might have got hit with a ruler. In the 1960's schools still had many extra ciriculare activities. Drugs had existed but weren't as big of a problem as today (excluding cigarretes). T.V. was watched with your familys because kids didn't all have their own T.V. in their bedrooms. Most teens ate dinner with their familys. Slan was a lot different. Follow the link to see some of their slang. In the 1960's teens were jeans but not nearly as often as today. Skirts and dresses were popular for girls. It was normal for guys to wear "short shorts." In the 1960's the most popular music genre was Rock and Roll. One popular song was yellow submarine by the beetles. It was mentioned in the book that heather listened to yellow submarine. Follow the link to see most requested song in the '60's requested on the radio.